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Sunday, June 12, 2005



Way to go Mr. Linder! Congratulations on your award.

Does it make you feel better sitting next to porta-potties for the last four months? ;-)



Mr. Lander I hope you are not dissappointed in the verdicts. All Counts Mike, were thrown out. "Can you believe that"


Hooray! Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. You have the best voice on the air. Radio Journalist of the Year... that is cool!

Michael Linder

Thanks everyone! And Ray... Yeah, I was surprised. And so were most of the journalists covering this trial. A group of us talked this over the other night at dinner in Santa Maria.

Early on, most of us thought this case would end up with acquittal on all counts, but as it got closer to the end, we all began to believe there would be at least two child molestation convictions.

I guess we all began to double-think ourselves rather than following our gut instincts like the jury did. In the end, the accuser and his brother simply wasn't credible and his mother hurt his case badly through her testimony.

Tom Sneddon says the accuser is somewhat anguished over the issue of why people didn't believe him. He was his own worst enemy on the stand. You had to be there, see and hear him to fully understand.

I just wonder what's going to happen to this kid who -- at 15 -- has been through more than most people have though their entire lives. A cancer that was miraculously stopped, the Jackson case, the J.C. Penney case.

I'll bet we haven't heard the last of this boy.

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