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Friday, April 29, 2005



Perhaps you could add information on how the jury looks/reacts to the procedings. If they are falling asleep or look alert etc. Also how the defense and prosecution go about their business. If the lawyers are animated or subdued in their delivery. If the witnesses are calm and composed or look uncomfortable and jittery. i think all this would help present a better picture of the procedings. Thanks however for the great idea and the good work. i think this case can be a good study of social inclinations and prejudices if the details of the concealed case are revealed here, to the public.


Did either attorney ask Detective Rosibel Smith what else was in the file cabinet with these books?


Smith was not asked what else was found in the filing cabinets. Her sole purpose seemed to be to simply admit these two pieces of evidence.

Defense attorney Robert Sanger, under cross, got the detective to talk a little about celebrity stalking, but it went nowhere -- other than to get her to say the LAPD takes star-stalking seriously.

Got any inside info on what else might have been inside?


He is innocent


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This is really disgusting. What an awful thing to publish.

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